About MAM

MOTORSPORTS ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA ("MAM") has been established for the purpose of developing and growing motor sport in Malaysia. It is a national organisation that will assist clubs, event organisers, officials, competitors, commercial operators and sponsors to ensure the future growth of motor sport in its many disciplines.


In an ever changing environment we will regularly take stock of our affiliates' needs in our quest to provide leadership and service. Being a national motor sports organisation, we are also mindful of our strategic role to serve the national interest at all times.

MAM's Office handles government relations, policy and sports development, matters related to safety, technical and sporting regulations, import duty excise and sales tax exemption, event permits and insurance matters and the approval of competition series and championships, training and development, issuing of competition licences, media relations and so on.

MAM provides guidance in club and event management as well as helping interested parties to form clubs and train club officials.

To ensure that events can be run, MAM provides well trained Stewards and other event officials.


MAM are devising and enforcing regulations that will maintain the sport's integrity, and keeping the sport fair and open to competitors, officials, sponsors and all other stakeholders involved in the sport.

It is the role of MAM to ensure that the sport is safe to spectators, officials and competitors and conducted in an orderly and professional fashion.


Funding is available to support the growth of motor sport. This funding is administered by the Motorsports Commission of Malaysia but applications must be received through MAM. Check the details on the Development Funding pages.

Strategic advice to clubs and event organisers is available to assist in the promotion of the sport. MAM's major focus is on developing the sport and ensure clubs and events can prosper and grow. MAM provides guidance in club and event management as well as helping with new projects.

Advice is also provided in other areas such as sponsorship proposals, media and public relations and development of competition series and championship series in all categories of the sport. You are always welcome to contact MAM for further details on how we can help.