MAM Admin and Structure

The Board of MAM is the ultimate authority governing all motor sport activities sanctioned by MAM. The Board consists of up to seven appointed Directors (one of which is the Chairman) who are appointed for their skill in business as well as motor sport. Appointments will take place during 2008. The affiliates can nominate Directors from the sport. The aim is to establish a unique and competent blend of business and sporting expertise.

The day-to-day affairs of MAM are managed by the Chief Executive, supported by Sports Managers and Executives (Sports Administration/ Communications, Sports Development & Member Services, Advisors and Officials).

Committees representing the various sports disciplines for bikes and cars will be established gradually during 2008 to include:

  • Category Committees for bikes and cars (motocross, go-kart, rally, racing etc.)
  • Technical, Medical & Safety Committee
  • National Officials Committee
  • Youth Development Committee
  • Other relevant Committees as appropriate