Motor Sport Clubs, Competitors, Promoters, Circuits, Entrants, Companies and Individuals operating within the sport are invited to affiliate with MAM. MAM has been formed with the purpose of providing much needed growth to the sport and help to establish Malaysia as the motor sport hub of South East Asia.

By becoming an affiliate, Members automatically subscribe to the Constitution of MAM (Memorandum and Articles of Association) and are thereby bound by the rules governing the sport under MAM' s auspices.

Affiliates will be invited to attend seminars and workshops which will be held with regular intervals in strategic places throughout Malaysia. Affiliation with MAM also means inclusion in MAM's comprehensive insurance program.

Being affiliated with MAM does not prevent Clubs and Competitors from being affiliated with the AAM. Similarly, officials who officiate for AAM will also be eligible to take part in MAM sanctioned events.

Competitors holding current AAM licences will be entitled to enter MAM sanctioned events without having to first obtain a MAM competition licence, subject to MAM being satisfied that competitors posses the appropriate skills and familiarity with MAM rules and regulations.


Thinking of starting a Club?

Groups of people who would like to form a Club will be offered assistance to form register and establish a new Club.

Existing clubs can also join

For those Clubs having been inactive for some period of time or never having organised any motor sport events since formation, MAM are willing to assist and guide these Clubs to organise and promote their activities and events. The level of assistance will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


Any commercial entity operating within motor sport such as Event Organisers, Entrants, Promoters, Manufactures, Suppliers and Sponsors are welcome to affiliate with MAM. Event Organisers can obtain Event Permits directly from MAM and are entitled to the same administration support as clubs and competitors, including access to MAM's judicial system.

Entrant Licence included - teams or anybody else for that matter, who are registered as commercial affiliates can get an Entrant Licence free of charge, just ask MAM.

MAM may also enter into category management agreements with competent event organisers to manage competition series with a high level of autonomy. This will give them more freedom to operate provided that certain compliance requirements are met, especially in relation to safety.