Competition Licence


You are entitled to compete in any national competition organised or approved by MAM or Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) if you hold a valid competition licence. To be a competitor you will need to register and submit your particulars to MAM in order to obtain a licence.

As of April 1, 2008 with the approval of the newly established Malaysian Motorsports Council ("MMC"), MAM has started to issue the Common AAM/MAM National Competition Licence. Competitors that hold a valid competition licence from either the AAM/MAM National Competition Licence or the AAM licence are eligible to take part in any events sanctioned by AAM or supported by MAM.

A single electronic register for common licences has been developed by MAM. MAM is licensed by AAM to administer the issuing of all National Competition Licences for Malaysian. All foreign competitors that wish to take the National Competition Licence will be issued by AAM. All FIA/FIM/CIK International Competition licences will continue to be issued by AAM.

Licence on the spot 

For many events you can even obtain your Clubman Licence when you register at the event itself. You can also download application form from our website and send it to us or you can hand the completed form and licence fee to any event secretary at the event you want to take part in and you are ready to compete - it is that easy.

Come n' try Licence

To give first-time competitors a chance to test whether motor sport is for them, all they need to do is to buy a "Come n' try Licence" It is available from the event organiser at a cost of only 10 Ringgit and it is valid for one event. Note: this licence type is only valid for certain entry level events.

For several events, especially multi-start events where you compete "wheel to wheel" you will need to take part in observed licence tests and in some cases also lectures which may be in the form of accredited racing schools and special events organised by MAM. For certain types of licences, you are also required to undergo a medical examination by a general practitioner (doctor).

MAM will organise tests together with clubs and event organisers from time to time. Always remember to check licence requirements for the events you want to participate in.

Note: Each event may have different licence grade requirements. Always check the event regulations to see if you have the minimum licence grade required