Like competitors have to comply with certain knowledge and skill requirements in order to get their competition license, motor sports officials will also need to be qualified in the different fields of officiating. Various training programmes are available and upon successful completion, officials' licenses are issued.

The purpose is to:

  • ensure that motor sport officials possess the necessary skills and familiarity with rules and regulations.
  • ensure that motor sport is conducted in a fair, safe and orderly fashion with consistent rules and regulations applying to all events.
  • provide efficient management of all events and competition series.
  • provide a career path for people interested in motor sport but who may not be able to participate as competitors.


Like all sporting events, motor sport needs officials. It is the best way to be involved in motor sport without the expense of running a competitive bike or car. You are an integral part to the success of a particular motor sport event. Roles such as flag, fire, grid and pit marshals, time keepers, scrutineering, sector marshals, communicators and emergency personnel are always needed.

MAM's Officiating Program will be developed, as the association grows, to provide a comprehensive training programme for you. The training program includes communication, event administration, event command, fire and rescue, flag marshal, general competition area, scrutineer, stewards, timekeeper and other areas.

If you are interested, all you need to do is to submit your particulars to us to us with contact details, address and any relevant motor sport experience and MAM will be in contact. Courses will also be held ahead of new events as we want to ensure minimum standards for all events.


Note: An International Academy of Motorsport will be established as part of the overall commitment of MCM and MAM to develop motor sport in Malaysia. Once the Academy is operational all officials training will be conducted at the Academy.