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Kuala Lumpur, June 14, 2010 - The Motorsports Association of Malaysia (‘MAM’) the national motorsports development body will intensify its collaboration with Sepang International Circuit (‘SIC’) the prime national motor sport facilities in the country. Under this collaboration arrangement, the management of MAM and SIC will be working hand in hand in developing the national motor sport program and the facilities at SIC further to fulfill the Malaysian Government’s vision to develop Malaysia and in particular SIC into a regional motor sports hub.


Dato’ Azman Yahya, the Chairman of MAM who is also the Director of SIC said, “The objective of the collaboration is to continue developing the national motor sport programme and facilitate the development of the sport at SIC. MAM will continue to undertake and organize more budget friendly events to increase the number of competitors, licence holders, teams, organizers, promoters thus ensuring a bigger pool of participants in the motorsport arena. The competitions that will be organised and created are all based on the different talent search programmes undertaken by MAM as well as various different disciplines of the sport that are under the National Motorsport Academy”.

“MAM would collaborate with SIC on matters pertaining to the MAM Permanent Duty and Tax Exemption as well as importation of vehicles, bikes and all other related equipment for the staging of events at SIC. MAM will also handle for and on behalf of SIC, its Temporary Bond and AP Application Services for SIC’s clients” said Dato’ Azman Yahya.

Under the proposed collaboration, the establishment of the National Motorsports Academy is being seen as one of the most important and significant aspect of the National Motorsports Development Plan. MAM will coordinate and implement on behalf of SIC a structured Academy that will help develop and grow the motor sport industry in the country.

According to Razlan Razali, the Acting CEO of MAM and the CEO of SIC, “The National Motorsports will comprise of different racing schools that will provide different expertise and discipline of the sport. MAM will work with different partners to provide first class racing tuition at the Home of Malaysian Motorsport. With the relocation of MAM to the premises of SIC, it will be easier for me to administer the activities conducted as well as combining the resources and expertise of both parties i.e. SIC and MAM in developing the Motorsports Industry Programmes under one roof. We will be able to plan and execute more events in a well structured manner”.

With this collaboration in line, MAM will be relocated to SIC end of June 2010. This new facility will enable MAM to continue growing in the coming years and provide even better services to its motor sport enthusiasts. Affiliates, duty and tax exemptions applicants as well as competition licence holders who wish to renew or apply licences can visit MAM at SIC effective mid July 2010.

For more information please contact Khairul Zaire at 012-321 6450.

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